What's New : [PRESS RELEASE] CLAP-TECH Pathway Higher Diploma in Data Science programme application grew 40% YoY ahead of DSE results announcement




[PRESS RELEASE] CLAP-TECH Pathway Higher Diploma in Data Science programme application grew 40% YoY ahead of DSE results announcement


  • The two-year full time Higher Diploma in Data Science programme (HDDS) curriculum integrates comprehensive data science knowledge and essential soft skills to get students ready for the in-demand “new collar” roles
  • Students studying HDDS will enjoy rich internship opportunities and receive over HKD 10,000 monthly salary during internship


Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Jockey Club Multiple Pathways Initiative – CLAP-TECH Pathway is Hong Kong’s first multiple VPET (Vocational, Professional Education and Training) pathways in mainstream senior secondary and post-secondary education formed under the tripartite partnership of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), industry partners and secondary schools. CLAP-TECH Pathway offers students the opportunity to develop skills that will translate directly to competitive careers; one of its high-competent courses, the Higher Diploma in Data Science programme (HDDS) saw a leaping 40% growth in applications compared with the same period last year*. This proves students’ interest in a non-conventional mode of learning where career and life development are incorporated into the curriculum, equipping students with necessary technical and soft skills to address the needs of the future workforce. The programme is now open for enrollment via HKBU School of Continuing Education until 10 August 2023.

The Higher Diploma in Data Science programme (HDDS) aims to provide students with comprehensive data science knowledge and integrated industry and profession-specific skills. The curriculum focuses on the latest developments in the IT industry such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Cybersecurity through activities including real-world business case studies and bootcamps. Thanks to CLAP-TECH Pathway’s pioneering tripartite partnership, HDDS students will have the opportunities to participate in internships with renowned companies; during the internship, each student will receive a total monthly salary of over HKD 10,000**, as well as mentoring from experienced IT professionals who will provide guidance on their professional and personal development.

Upon completion of the programme, HDDS graduates will be eligible to apply for the senior year entry of selected UGC-funded undergraduate programmes at HKBU***; some would also be offered first-in-line job interview opportunities from selected industry partners.

Andrew Ho, Director of CLAP-TECH Centre, said: “The transformation of technology means new skills and new jobs would be required. As the Information and Communication Technology industry continues to grow, ‘new collar’ positions that are equipped with flexible skills will be in high demand in coming years. CLAP-TECH Pathway aims at developing students for the ‘new collar’ jobs that the ICT industry in Hong Kong will require.”

World’s growing popularity of “new collar” jobs whilst employers grasp candidates possessing both hard and soft skills

In the world where technology evolves at a fast pace, employers around the world are in high demand for talents who possess substantial technical skills as well as soft skills to adapt their knowledge at work and work well with others as a team. These emerging “new collar” roles may not require a full tertiary degree – but they can be just as talented and capable as their degreed counterparts.

CLAP-TECH Pathway has integrated essential attributes including analytical thinking, resilience, motivation, and curiosity, etc. into the curriculum, some of which are also among the top five skills of 2023 globally, to enhance students’ competencies and open up opportunities around the world.

The Higher Diploma in Data Science programme is offered by the School of Continuing Education of HKBU, and the qualification is awarded by HKBU. To embark on a future of new collar jobs, enrol in HDDS of CLAP-TECH Pathway through HKBU SCE from now until 10 August 2023. Click here or call 3411 5452 to learn more about the programme, and visit the CLAP-TECH Pathway website to explore the Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET) articulation pathway with multiple entry and exit points.

* As of 30 June 2023

** Includes basic salary provided by the employer and an allowance from CLAP-TECH Pathway, which is funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

*** BSc in Computer Science and BSc in Mathematics and Statistics