CLAP-TECH Pathway is an education model that offers students the opportunity to develop skills and competencies that will translate directly to competitive careers. Learn more about our schools and our students below.

The CLAP-TECH Pathway depends on a strong tripartite partnership between each secondary school, university, and each industry partner. CLAP-TECH Pathway is distinct for a number of reasons:

  • It aims at academic readiness. The three-year ApL subject, Tech Basics, couples with a two-year Higher Diploma in Data Science. This creates an academic experience that provides students the education they need to earn industry recognition.
  • It aims at career readiness. Through hands-on projects and case studies, students are exposed to and well-prepared for workplace needs that they will face in the near future.
  • It encourages industry recognition. Students completing the five-year Pathway are awarded P-TECH Certification by IBM. They are also eligible for joining Hong Kong Computer Society as Student Members at age 16.
  • It integrates industry trend and career and life development. On one hand, industry partners are involved actively in the curriculum design. On the other, a wide array of career and life development activities are scheduled for students. Career and life development teachers of each participating secondary school are also encouraged to explore students’ career interest and options.
  • It incorporates employers as a full partner and includes a three-plus-two-year sequence of Workplace Learning from Secondary 4 on as a fundamental component of students’ experience.

Industry Partners serve as a core component of CLAP-TECH Pathway, the commitment is not supplementary. Below is a list of the kinds of investments industries need to make to support CLAP-TECH Pathway.

  • Work experiences that include mentoring, site visits, speakers, or informal meet-up with students
  • Arrangement of internship and first-in-line job interview whenever applicable.
  • Collaboration with secondary schools university partner to ensure that work experiences are integrated with curriculum.

All students must apply through their schools for enrolment in ApL courses. Schools may consider nominating students for ApL courses in light of schools’ curriculum plan and students’ needs. Thus, students who are interested in enrolling in ApL courses need to obtain schools’ nomination for the application. The application results will be subject to the selection results from course providers.
If the ApL courses that students are interested in are not offered in school, students or parents can reflect their needs to the school management so that the school may explore the possibility of offering ApL courses in Mode 1.