What's New : Tackle Ageing Challenges at
MIT Innovation Node Bootcamps




Tackle Ageing Challenges at MIT Innovation Node Bootcamps

The CLAP-TECH Pathway recently collaborated with the MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node to host two bootcamps for students of its Applied Learning Course – Tech Basics. The four-day programme focused on “Healthy Ageing” and challenged students to create innovative solutions to improve the lives of the elderly and their caregivers.

Eldpathy, a local social enterprise, and their “Elderly Ambassadors” shared their unique perspectives with the students through engaging activities and experiential games. Students also experienced some of the daily struggles of the elderly to develop a deeper understanding of their health challenges.

The bootcamp enabled students to learn the innovation process from ideation to pitching through an immersive experience. Now in its fourth year, it has continuously evolved to stay up-to-date with emerging trends and introduced generative AI this year to enhance the brainstorming and creative process. The students utilised practical AI applications, fostering innovation and problem-solving skills in a real-world setting.


Interviewing the elderly to validate the feasibility of their solutions


Wearing elderly simulator gear to experience some of the daily struggles of the elderly


A group of students pitching their ideas to judges


Coaches guide students throughout the bootcamp, providing feedback on aspects such as design, user experience, product validation, and business and marketing.


An immersive and hands-on learning experience for students.


This year’s bootcamp focuses on “Healthy Ageing”