What's New : Secondary Students Harness the Power of Multimedia Storytelling for Social Good




Secondary Students Harness the Power of Multimedia Storytelling for Social Good

Imagine a classroom that extends beyond four walls, where students become the architects of their own learning. This is precisely what the students of the Multimedia Storytelling Applied Learning Course experienced during their final module, “Storytelling for Social Good.” Stepping away from the traditional textbook approach, this module provided an immersive and hands-on learning experience that proved to be truly transformative.

Unlike typical classroom settings, the final module took place at the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre in Hong Kong, a vibrant artistic hub housed in a converted factory. Here, students were given the freedom to conduct their own research and select social topics that resonated with them personally.

The chosen topics were thought-provoking and reflective of the social issues prevalent in Hong Kong. Students tackled subjects such as the housing problem and the immense pressure faced by Secondary Six HKDSE students. Through their storytelling approach, they aimed to shed light on these pertinent issues and evoke empathy among their viewers.

Under the guidance of experienced lecturers, these young storytellers transformed their ideas into compelling video narratives. They embarked on a multi-faceted process of video production, from the initial stages of research and storyboarding to the final stages of shooting, post-production, and presentation.

The Multimedia Storytelling Course adopts an innovative approach to learning and exemplifies the power of hands-on experiences and real-world applications. By engaging in this course, students develop not only technical skills but also collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. This unique learning experience empowers students to become effective storytellers and agents of change in their communities.