What's New : CLAP-TECH Delegation Explores Ireland’s Vocational Education




CLAP-TECH Delegation Explores Ireland’s Vocational Education

The CLAP-TECH Pathway recently led educators from its partner secondary schools on a seven-day immersive tour to Dublin, Ireland, aimed at exploring the country’s vocational education system and the pioneering development of the P-TECH (Pathways in Technology Early College High School) programme there.

The tour, facilitated by the Business in the Community Ireland, provided the delegation with a comprehensive overview of Europe’s first P-TECH model and its latest advancements. The CLAP-TECH group engaged in discussions with the National College of Ireland, the Department of Education, the City of Dublin Education & Training Board, St. Joseph’s, Fairview (a local P-TECH school), and an industry partner of the programme.

During the visit, the delegation attended a showcase where over 100 Transition Year students (equivalent to Secondary Four students in Hong Kong) presented their work placement achievements and discussed their experiences with the P-TECH programme. A notable feature of Ireland’s P-TECH programme is the Transition Year work placement, offering students a five-week period of practical experience with one of the programme’s industry partners.

Andrew Ho, Director of the CLAP-TECH Centre, said, “We are profoundly impressed by the Ireland’s P-TECH programme’s scope and depth, especially its early vocational training integration and structured work placements for secondary students. This visit has provided invaluable insights and inspiration for our own initiatives.”

The Irish P-TECH initiative, designed to tackle educational challenges in the North East Inner City (NEIC), provides secondary students with enriching experiences that enhance their skills, academic potential, and learning and career opportunities. The programme supports students throughout their entire secondary education, from the first year to graduation.

The P-TECH model, initiated by IBM in 2011, prepares young people with the academic, technical, and professional skills necessary for the jobs of the future and ongoing education. In Hong Kong, the CLAP-TECH Pathway incorporates elements of the P-TECH model and the career development component of CLAP@JC, a project of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.


Visited a local P-TECH school.


Visited an industry partner of the programme, which is hosting a few P-TECH students as interns.


Visited the Department of Education.


A representative of the National College of Ireland introduced the Irish P-TECH initiative.


Meeting with representatives from the City of Dublin Education & Training Board.


Transition Year students showcase.