The Pathway begins at the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) level as Applied Learning courses, and proceeds to Higher Diploma programmes.

There are currently two tracks of study focusing on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) (launched in 2020 by the School of Continuing Education) and creative media (launched in 2022 by the School of Communication and Film). For more details, please visit here.

Industry Partners serve as a core component of CLAP-TECH Pathway, the commitment is not supplementary. Below is a list of the kinds of investments industries need to make to support CLAP-TECH Pathway.

  • Work experiences that include mentoring, site visits, speakers, or informal meet-up with students
  • Arrangement of internship and first-in-line job interview whenever applicable.
  • Collaboration with secondary schools university partner to ensure that work experiences are integrated with curriculum.

For full list of CLAP-TECH Pathway’s Industry Partners, please visit here.

All students must apply through their schools for enrolment in ApL courses. Schools may consider nominating students for ApL courses in light of schools’ curriculum plan and students’ needs. Thus, students who are interested in enrolling in ApL courses need to obtain schools’ nomination for the application. The application results will be subject to the selection results from course providers.
If the ApL courses that students are interested in are not offered in school, students or parents can reflect their needs to the school management so that the school may explore the possibility of offering ApL courses in Mode 1.