CLAP-TECH JOURNEY CLAP-TECH Pathway is an education model that offers students the opportunity to develop skills and competencies that will translate directly to competitive careers. Learn more about our schools and our students below. What is CLAP-TECH Pathway Why CLAP-TECH Pathway CLAP-TECH Pathway is Different Industry Forecast New Collar Essential Attributes Contact Menu What is […]

Tools and Resources

CLAP-TECH JOURNEY In CLAP-TECH Pathway , students’ learning experiences are supported through engagement of secondary school teachers, university partner and industry partners. It is important for the stakeholders to share the ideas and resources for enhancing effectiveness and efficiency of this new initiative. Therefore, a Project Management Committee which comprises members from the key stakeholders […]

Job Variety in ICT Industry

CLAP-TECH JOURNEY Careers Infomation In CLAP-TECH Pathway, we nurture students’ career aspirations as much as their informed choices. Are you curious to find more information about your desired jobs and what is the career prospects? How should you prepare yourself in order to be well equipped to join the industry upon graduation? MORE DETAILS > […]

CLAP-TECH Pathway Design

CLAP-TECH JOURNEY Academic achievements may be just one of your possible targets. Explore the wider options. Set your goal. Work from there, and utilise the tools in career and life development that are globally and locally proven to reach your destination. 1. Building competence in Career and Life Development (CLD) Explore life planning and career […]