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South China Morning Post
CLAP-TECH Pathway Students Won Award for Redesigning a Public Hygiene Facility amid the Pandemic

What are your impressions of chemical toilets? Dim, (potentially) dirty, stinky, poorly ventilated… You use one when you have no other choice and you often go in one for an unpleasant surprise. But four young inventors from Man Kwan Pak Kau College think that it doesn’t need to be this way. With their passion in ICT, creativity and entrepreneurship spirit, the team improved the design of the portable chemical toilet and was awarded the First Prize at The Second Future Engineer Grand Challenge, organised by the Hong Kong STEM Education Alliance. They are the first cohort students of the CLAP-TECH Pathway of Jockey Club Multiple Pathways Initiative, an innovative school learning programme launched earlier this year that equips students with both technical and soft skills since senior secondary level for future readiness in a fast changing technology world.

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