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Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo) Students Orientation & First Meeting with UBS Mentors

Total 31 Students from Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo) went through the orientation session on 10 July morning and met with their mentors from UBS for the first time. Both the students & mentors were excited meeting with each other and exchanged their views regarding ICT industry updates, mentors’ experiences and also shared about their personal interest such as traveling, cooking etc. They also learnt about the essential attributes at the workshop and mentors had a chance to understand their mentees better about their perception of the attributes at the same time. Students and mentors took a big group photo at the end and they were looking forward for the next meeting!

Students paid attention to introduction of the CLAP-TECH Pathway.

An art-talented student presented her drawing to the mentor after the meeting.

Students were actively participated in the workshop on “Essential Attributes”.

Mentor and students were exchanging their views at the workshop.

Participants took a big group photo after the event.