What's New : UBS Inspires Students with Career Talk




UBS Inspires Students with Career Talk

CLAP-TECH recently invited UBS, one of its industry partners, to organise a career talk for Higher Diploma in Data Science students. 

During the talk, representatives from UBS Group Operations and Technology Office shared their personal experiences as young IT professionals in the banking sector. They discussed their journey from summer interns to graduate trainees and eventually full-time staff at UBS. Their discussion offered valuable advice and guidance to students, helping them plan their early careers. 

As one of the industry partners of the CLAP-TECH Pathway, UBS has been providing students with meaningful workplace learning opportunities over the past four years. This career talk served as a valuable platform for Higher Diploma in Data Science students (a programme offered by the School of Continuing Education, HKBU) to explore their interests and gain firsthand insights from experts in the field.