What's New : P-TECH Exchange among three places without boundaries




P-TECH Exchange among three places without boundaries

To promote exchanges between local and overseas students, our industry partner, IBM organized the “APAC P-TECH Unite Day”, where around 80 secondary school students from South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong met through a video conference.

P-TECH students in APAC region exchanging views and takeaways
The entire conference was conducted in English. Each student made a 1-minute self-introduction, then shared the reasons that they like ICT field and their future goals in the interactive session. All students actively participated and strived to make new friends in the shortest time!

CHAN Yat Ching, student of Man Kwan Pak Kau College, found P-TECH Exchange fruitful, where counterparts of different nationalities and similar age exchange views on their study and interests, using English as a common language. The platform “Open P-TECH” by IBM, he believed, would make one more dexterous in programming. Impressed by the vigour of Korean students as shown on the camera, Chan looked forward to discussions and collaboration with P-TECH students in similar exchange events.