What's New : New Programme: Higher Diploma in Art Tech Design




New Programme: Higher Diploma in Art Tech Design

CLAP-TECH’s “3+2” multiple entry and exit pathway begins with a three-year secondary school Applied Learning Course and leads to a two-year higher diploma programme. This year, the “Higher Diploma in Art Tech Design” (HDATD) programme has been newly launched as an extension of the pathway. Offered by the College of International Education at HKBU, secondary six graduates of the CLAP-TECH Applied Learning Course in Multimedia Storytelling can progress to the programme upon meeting the admission requirements.

As the application of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and other immersive art in various industries becomes increasingly widespread, the demand for art technology talents in the job market is growing. The HDATD programme aims at equipping students with the necessary knowledge of art, culture, and technology, emphasising an innovative approach to art expression. It cultivates a new generation of creative talents by providing both theoretical and practical work-based training of artistic knowledge, art technology application skills, and business thinking to young professionals.

Thanks to CLAP-TECH’s pioneering tripartite partnership, students of the HDATD programme will have opportunities to participate in internships with renowned companies, as well as receive mentoring from experienced industry professionals who will provide guidance on their professional and personal development.

Graduates are expected to be job-ready for related fields in art technology and the creative industries, such as art curation, business design, and creative media production. They may also articulate to local UGC-funded undergraduate programmes, self-funded undergraduate programmes, or overseas undergraduate programmes.