What's New : HK01 “加入科技龍頭不再是夢
CLAP-TECH Pathway為中學生打造青雲路”
(Chinese version only)




CLAP-TECH Pathway為中學生打造青雲路
(Chinese version only)

Youngsters may wish to join big enterprises at their first job. How about joining big names like IBM without a university degree? As communication and information technology develops, the society needs more and more of the “new collar” talents who can manage their tasks with flexibility. These jobs may not require an employee to have graduated from a traditional university, and instead call for their technical and soft skills. At CLAP-TECH Pathway of Jockey Club Multiple Pathways Initiative, students are inspired and enlightened by mentors since secondary school. They also acquire the needed skills through innovative curriculum and activities, taking an early step into their career!

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