What's New : Cyber Awareness Week




During the Cyber Awareness Week from 18th to 22nd October, The Hong Kong Jockey Club held a social experiment at various spots. Students from CLAP-TECH Pathway worked as a helper to promote cyber awareness.

Along the coffee bar, a booth was set up to give away free coffee, in exchange of attendants’ Like or Follow on designated social media pages. Are free cups really free? What might have happened just after clicking Like?

The Cyber Awareness Week has three core topics, including phishing and social engineering, classifying data in an organization, and avoiding having personal information being bought or sold in the dark web.

The booth attracted 775 attendees. While 60% of them maintained a good cyber hygiene, the remaining 40% had exposed their information, allowing marketers have their interpretation, including preferences and hobbies. Through demonstrating and elaborating at the booth, students consolidated the knowledge on cyber-security that supplements their CLAP-TECH lessons.

Students “stalking” the customers’ social media accounts with their prior consent.

Student elaborating the essence of cybersecurity to customers.