Under the Jockey Club Multiple Pathways Initiative funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, CLAP-TECH Pathway adopts a tripartite collaboration between three parties, namely university, industry partners, and secondary schools in Hong Kong.

Shared Responsibilities

  • Co-create the CLAP-TECH Pathway within the mainstream education, provide graduates with dual recognitions in education and industry
  • Regularly review the curriculum and learning journey of the Applied Learning (“ApL”) course and Higher Diploma (“HD”) programme to ensure alignment of learning and workplace outcomes
  • Nurture CLAP-TECH Pathway learning community with motivated students, dedicated teachers and mentors, and supportive parents

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  • Offer meaningful workplace learning opportunities, e.g. company visits, job shadowing, mentorship, internship, coaching, guest talks, etc.
  • Advise on skills mapping, supporting educators to embed industry-recognised skills into students’ learning journey.
  • Provide an industry liaison serving as the key contact point to facilitate effective implementation.
  • Provide first-in-line interviews of related job vacancies.
  • Support development of industry-recognised qualification(s).
  • CLAP-TECH Centre overseeing the project.
  • Take lead in facilitating school-industry partnership to design a through-train curriculum linking to future skills with ApL as the starting point.
  • Co-teach with secondary school teachers to deliver the ApL course with diversity management, knowledge transfer, and close monitoring of students’ learning progress.
  • Work with school teachers to support secondary-to-tertiary transition.
  • Deliver the HD programme and provide pathway articulation.

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  • Provide dedicated teachers and school resources to implement CLAP-TECH Pathway.
  • Student recruitment.
  • Co-teach with lecturers of University.
  • Provide good career and life development support to facilitate smooth school-to-work transition of students, leveraging resources of CLAP@JC to build capacity for career and life development of each school.
  • Serve as resource hubs in support of newly joined CLAP-TECH Pathway schools in the vicinity.