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Skill Competencies



The pathway aims at developing students for the new-collar jobs that ICT and creative media industries in Hong Kong will require. An important feature of the study pathway is that the participating industry partners will support the learning of senior-form secondary students throughout the entire journey, by offering mentorships, internships and other experiences.

CLAP-TECH Pathway is a school-based learning pathway within the mainstream for students who are looking for non-conventional mode of learning to prepare their academic and career readiness.

ICT Industry

Programming Languages


Basic programming and data visualization

Build a simple computer game

IT Project Management

Project management, effective communication, collaboration and leadership


Data Analysis and Database

Spreadsheet, SQL, NoSQL

Data modelling, analysis and visualisation

Application Development (Web and Mobile)

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, React Native, Node.js

Web development, interactive Mobile Application development

Data Communications & Networking

Network fundamentals (e.g. LAN, WAN)

Switching and routing technology (e.g. wireless networks, devices and switching services)

Infrastructure services, security and management (e.g. data centres, cloud computing principles and cybersecurity concepts)

Creative Media Industry

Content Creation

Target audience and situation analysis

Generating and communicating ideas


Data Visualisation

Elements of storytelling

Visual communication: basic principles and culture

Digital Production Techniques

Images, video, sound, illustration

Digital photo and video editing

Digital Media Platform Management

Overview of digital media platforms

Ethics, social responsibilities and legal issues

Design Thinking

Developing creativity

Six thinking hats method

Software development

Business analysis

Network design/engineering

Website development